Sliding Door Hardware

The sliding door hardware that is popular now tends to have more of a modern barn door hardware feel to it. You can get this rustic looking style of flat track online from us. We manufacture everything in the USA. Most people will put rustic barn doors inside their homes with our sliding track system that keeps the door on the outside of the wall to be visible when it’s open or closed.
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Sliding Barn Door Hardware

The sliding barn door hardware does not include the actual barn doors because the shipping on a door would be ridiculous and you can find them locally unlike the sliding door hardware. It goes by a couple names but typically it is referred to as barn door hardware or flat track hardware or any combination of those 3. For a special discount email us at barndoorhardware(@)

Interior Flat Track Barn Door Hardware

There are only a few places to find sliding door hardware online. Interior flat track barn door hardware is the actual metal that you drill into your wall on which you will attach your own custom barn door. This flat track hardware is hard to come by and can only be found online because of the difficulty of manufacturing the curved pieces of metal used to encase the bearings. This piece of steel is absolutely necessary to have a sliding barn door in your home.